What is the best age for obedience training?

Lucky are those who are blessed with the angelic presence of a dog in their family. Being a dog parent, you should be concerned about a few responsibilities that you must have towards your dog. Despite offering him a nice bed, diet food, and vaccination, connect with a trainer for dogs as any dog needs proper training since the puppy stage.

Obedience training is essential to provide to a dog of any breed whether large or medium. Even the small pugs or Yorkshires need to get trained by a highly experienced dog trainer from a tender age. The best age for obedience training is 3-6 months. Dogs, like any animal, start their lives fast. Therefore, during the puppy stage, the canine must learn to obey the owner; otherwise, things might get a little uncomfortable for the owners to take out the dog for a walk or visit him to the pet grooming near me after a while as they might not obey the person.

Here are a few facts to know—

  • Start the dog training as early as possible before he starts becoming adamant particularly if you have a male canine.
  • Only hire a qualified trainer, highly experienced in teaching obedience to dogs from a tender age.
  • From the best pet shop online, purchase a few training toys for dogs.
  • Apart from buying Himalaya liv 52 for protecting the liver, use prescribed dog food for the canine. Allow the trainer to guide the dog with the best eating training so that they learn not to start eating unless he is asked to.

Source: http://getvetcostore.wikidot.com/what-is-the-best-age-for-obedience-training


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